Portable toilets for underground mines

The New Improved Concept (NIC) toilet is a portable toilet unit that is freestanding with a self-contained water supply which operates without cables, pipes or connections to water or electricity. They can be commissioned in underground mines and have low-combustibility properties. The NIC unit is available in 2 heights and can be assembled underground. This option is especially suitable for refuge bays due to height restrictions.

Easily transportable

Can be commissioned in sloping areas with a low ground clearance.

Security for women

A lockable inside mechanism and PPE hook for overalls and lamp packs.


Can be used in mines with a high ignition risk e.g. coal mines.

Sealed, removable canister

Minimises spillage and makes servicing easier.

Rotating bowl mechanism

Nano technology coating creates a slippery surface in the bowl, allowing for the debris to be cleared without using water.

No faecal exposure

No exposure to waste (visually or physically) makes it more hygienic to users, environment and servicing team.

The NIC toilets are affordable and provide increased dignity for users and the service provider who cleans and maintains them.

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The New Improved Concept (NIC) toilet for mines

Toilets in mines in South Africa

Most mines in South Africa use the open-type drum toilet which has several health implications and degrades the dignity of users and those cleaning the drums. Any waste that accumulates inside the drum is visible and noxious fumes spread. Vermin can also spread disease if they enter the toilets and move through the mine or come into contact with food or water supplies.

The NIC toilet uses Nano technology to prevent debris from sticking to the bowl and is lockable. This results in a more hygienic, dignified and secure solution for miners underground.