Specialised cleaning contracts and projects

Sanitech Specialised Cleaning is a contractual and project based service, that addresses the highly technical cleaning requirements of businesses such as high rise cleaning, stripping and sealing of floors and carpet cleaning.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Carpets can be cleaned at speeds of up to 600m² per hour.

High reach window cleaning

Water fed pole technology with an extended length of up to 6.63m extension poles available.

Stripping and sealing of floors

Keeping your floors looking like new is an easy way to ensure safety and sanitation.

Specialised cleaning

Factories, canteens, kitchens and ablutions kept clean and hygienic.

Rope access cleaning

Our full-time rope access department specialises in cleaning high rise building's windows.

Pre and post move cleaning

We offer cleaning services for customers moving in and out of a property.

Sanitech makes use of the latest technology including diamond twister pads, water fed pole systems and eco-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals.

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Integrated hygiene and sanitation solutions from Sanitech