Controlling pests in the workplace

Minimising or removing a wide range of undesirable insects and pests on a regular basis is necessary at any workplace. Sanitech offer a combination of treatments in order to effectively get rid of infestations.

Combination of treatments

Treatments include fumigation, misting, gelling, dusting or spraying.

Monthly servicing

Includes surface spray repellents, insect light traps and insecticidal aerosol dispensers.

Insect light traps

Provides effective and efficient flying insect control for commercial premises. Fly trap units eliminate insects faster through their unique translucent technology.

Rodent bait boxes

Effective rodent control will reduce structural damage. Tamper proof rodent bait boxes around the perimeter of your property are maintained and regularly serviced.

With our dedicated service staff and a fleet of over 330 vehicles Sanitech’s logistical operation is world-class.

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Integrated hygiene and sanitation solutions from Sanitech