Dry sanitation toilets - the REPIT solution to pit latrines

Sanitech has developed an innovative sanitation solution to address the problem of pit latrines in South Africa. REPIT is a dry sanitation toilet that does not require flushing and preserves scarce water resources. REPITis a "retro-fit" improvement replacing the traditional open pit latrines, which have health and safety shortfalls, servicing problems and contaminate the environment.

Features of the REPIT toilet

  • 1

    Retro VIP fit kit

    Retrofit into an existing VIP unit or install into new units
  • 2

    Continued use of pit latrine

    No need to abandon the pit latrine when full
  • 3


    Expandable bladder isolates the waste and makes servicing the units more efficient

The Repit toilet replaces existing pit latrines thereby improving health and safety and eliminating environmental contamination.

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  • 4

    Tamper proof service hatch

    Gives additional health and safety benefits
  • 5

    No faecal exposure

    Environmentally friendly and hygienic with minimal odour
  • 6

    Sealed rotating bowl

    No foreign objects allowed in and reduced pollution through seeping walls
The REPIT unit
Pit Latrines in South Africa

There are an estimated 4 million pit latrines in South Africa. Waste drops into a large open pit, where the organic material decomposes and liquids percolate into the surrounding soil. The open pit latrines are sometimes used to dump foreign objects, which results in reducing the storage capacity and shortening the life span of the pit latrine.

The REPIT pit latrine meets many of the challenges of these unsecured pit latrines in South Africa.

Dry Sanitation Toilets from Sanitech - an innovative solution solution to address the problem of pit latrines in South Africa.