Hygiene management services from Sanitech

Sanitech offers the complete range of hygiene services. With branches nationwide, Sanitech is the preferred supplier to many of South Africa’s leading companies and organisations. Choose from our range of services or select our integrated service offering and enjoy the benefits of having a sole provider of key outsourced hygiene solutions on your site.

Professional washroom hygiene solutions

A practical management approach and the commitment of every one of Sanitech’s employees is your guarantee that your work environment will be clean, hygienic and safe. Sanitech maintains a strong commitment to the environment, while combining powerful hygiene formulas with cost-effective solutions.

With more than two decades of local experience and the global support of Waco International, Sanitech is ready to be your trusted hygiene partner.

Integrated Hygiene

A seamless solution catering for large industrial and mining companies to small corporate offices. It is backed by Sanitech’s ongoing access to the latest products and technology.

Integrated hygiene

Daily Cleaning

By being part of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association), Sanitech’s professional, qualified and competent team have made this their core business.

Daily cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Scheduled heavy duty cleaning utilises specialised chemicals that focus directly on removing built up body fats, grease and grime.

Deep cleaning

Specialised Cleaning

Sanitech has expanded our unique offering of Integrated Services with Specialised Cleaning Services.

Specialised cleaning

Washroom Products

Sanitech supplies a comprehensive range of effective, durable and reliable hygiene products.

Washroom products

Pest Control

Minimising or removing a wide range of undesirable insects, rodents and other pests on a regular basis is necessary to maintain good hygiene levels in the work place.

Pest control

Integrated Hygiene and Sanitation Solutions from Sanitech

Why choose Sanitech for your hygiene services
Experience the difference

  • 1
    Experience counts
    We understand the importance of choosing a trusted supplier with an outstanding track record.
  • 2
    Wide range of services
    Choose from a comprehensive range of effective and reliable hygiene products and services.
  • 3
    Committed to the environment
    Sanitech maintains a strong environmental commitment, while combining powerful, cost effective hygiene formulas.
  • 4
    Health and safety knowledge
    Our comprehensive health and safety programme is ISO compliant, and is driven by Waco International standards.
  • 5
    A complete solution
    Our integrated service solution enables you to enhance management control, standardise costs and improve financial controls.